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poem of the moment:

The battles we fight cannot be won using two different weapons at the same time
We cannot fight our internal wars with hate
And the external with love
May we always remember to deliver ourselves from evil
Before venturing into the world for victory
\\Love Thyself

I have been navigating these waters alone for so long
That you would think that I know the lay of the land
Every creek, river, and valley explored
But as I journey deeper within, I realize
That I've only just approached the delta
Welcoming the ocean of
//self discovery

What do I want?

  1. I want to learn
  2. I want to make more money
  3. I want to be happy
  4. I want to love
  5. I want to write
  6. I want to write away my questions
  7. I want to write away my questions
  8. I want to write away my questions
  9. I want to write my answers.

\\want or need

Maybe you never left parting words because
you knew our story was far from over.
\\after death